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Regain market leadership by elevating the experience.

Why it wasn’t easy

OTIS needed to reclaim lost market leadership starting with European markets. To engage with a new audience with different needs, they went beyond a traditional focus on engineering to examine the customer experience. The OTIS Gen2 sought to elevate a daily experience by making it engaging and unexpected.


OTIS retargeted its marketing to building owners who were concerned with enhancing their own brand. Sales materials, trade show activations and a powerful launch showcased the OTIS Gen2’s game-changing technology and design, creating a lifestyle brand for a global market.


The Gen2 Elevator drove sales in Europe to a landmark 500,000 units sold. Its successful introduction has been credited by OTIS president for creating a solid foundation for continued innovation.

The work

Custom designed and developed, interactive, mobile friendly website

Custom product video produced for the web introducing the Gen2 elevator

New product logo—part of a larger logo exploration

Redesigned and executed corporate product brochures

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