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Empower a challenger brand to take on the giants.

Empower a challenger brand to take on the giants.


The Challenge

Evans has a unique product. One that goes against everything car enthusiasts believed to be true about their vehicles. We needed to convert this passionate, engaged audience to a product they were intensely skeptical about—and charge them four times more for it.

The Strategy

We needed to reprogram the audience’s thinking and make it clear that water—the very thing enthusiasts believe to be integral to their vehicles' operation—is actually the cause of the troubles they seek to avoid.

The Outcome

Since the campaign, Evans Waterless Coolant has dramatically increased its distribution globally, initiated an e-commerce strategy and doubled sales over the last five years.

The work



:30 TV spot example run during car enthusiast programming

Evans Waterless Coolant print ad

Example print and digital ads targeting different car enthusiast demographics

One of the Facebook carousel ads targeting off-road enthusiasts

Featured segment on Adam Carolla's CarCast podcast

Evans Waterless Coolant Car Cast podcast on phone
Evans Waterless Coolant Museum Program bad at a classic car museum

Classic car museum preservation sponsorship program

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