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Elevate the brand to justify the need.

Elevate the brand to justify the need.


The Challenge

At a cost of $45,000 and with 15,000 hours of required training, Fidelco’s German Shepherd guide dogs are the very best partners for people who are blind. Fidelco Guide Dogs needed to distinguish itself from a host of competitors while also justifying their costs to sponsors and donors.

The Strategy

To help validate its significantly higher costs and donation needs, we embraced, rather than hid, Fidelco’s enormous commitment to training their guide dogs. The new design’s intentional use of symbolism, iconography and color palette evokes the same feelings of dignity, reliability and quality that surround the brand.

The Outcome

Fidelco launched its new brand identity with the opening of a new HQ in a prime upscale donor market. Brand awareness is up, new sponsors have been recruited and revenue generation with existing donors has been maintained.

The work

Fidelco Guide Dog signage in front of their office building

Custom-branded signage prominently featuring the new logo

Fidelco Guide Dog van wrap
Fidelco Guide Dog van wrap

Individualized fully-branded vehicle wraps

Fidelco Guide Dog signage on exterior of their office building

Fully-branded building exterior showcasing new logo and photography

Fidelco Guide Dog business cards

Rebrand carried into small details such as business cards and stationery

Fidelco Guide Dog brochure

Brochures and direct examples designed in the new branding

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