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image of glass window used in Antares print ads

Maintain consistency when entering new markets.


The Challenge

Antares needed an introduction to the new high-potential, but unfamiliar asset management market, without alienating the market they currently dominate.

The Strategy

In the investment community, steady, reliable consistency is something to be revered. And when you’ve been delivering it for 20+ years you need a unique campaign that both owns it and breaks through the clutter.

The Outcome

The campaign delivered significant increases in lead generation, allowing Antares to successfully grow its asset management business. Furthermore, the campaign also saw increased site engagement. 19,000+ events were completed in year one alone—with 148 of those being vital completions of lead generation forms from the new investor audience.

The work

One piece of the digital brand awareness campaign

Case Study Image
Case Study Image
Case Study Image
Case Study Image

Example print ads from the awareness campaign touting the message of consistency

Case Study Image
Case Study Image

Digital example promoting the new interactive market trends report

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