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The True Colors of Mintz + Hoke

Each department and person at Mintz + Hoke is different. We all have unique qualities and perspectives, but we also complement each other and work well together. Just like a color palette.

Which is why today, we’re showing you our true colors.

purple swatch

Senior Leadership

A charismatic purple. And like this color, our senior leaders are not garish or bold for the sake of it. Rather, they lead by example and let the vibrancy of their professional and personal lives serve as inspiration to others.


blue swatch

Client Service

A deep blue. Our client service team is constantly doing deep dives, bringing a level of consistency and balance reflected in this color. They help foster relationships and trust between departments and clients, which enables creativity to bloom.


orange swatch


A vibrant orange. Bursting with ideas, the creative team lets their work do all the talking. And while the thinking is big, their egos are not, which makes conversation and collaboration easy and fun.


red swatch


A strategic red. And trust us when we say this isn’t a sign of danger. Media is all about being tactical in their approach, making opportunities that outsmart, not overspend, and having fun along the way.


green swatch

Public Relations

A sophisticated green. The PR team personifies virid growth. True to themselves and our clients’ goals, they nurture stories, engagements, collaborations, and even each other, resulting in a robust and dynamic practice


electric blue swatch


An electric blue. Because the traditional glowing green is too expected to represent our digital team. They bring clarity to best practices, novel thinking to new challenges, and energy to every project that comes across their desks.


maroon swatch


A resilient maroon. Like this color, our accounting team is strong yet humble. They tie the agency together through sensibility, meticulousness, and smart decision-making, keeping us moving forward


white swatch


A trusting white. But don’t misconstrue this color as boring—like dry-erase boards, it represents all the possibilities and opportunities available to us that, with the clarity and confidence of our administrative team, we have the power to go after.


yellow swatch


An encouraging yellow. Our production team is the beginning of a project’s public life rather than the end of it. That said, when the tanks feel empty as we near a deadline, they’re the ones that push through.

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