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The Mintz + Hoke Internship Experience

With each new season come new opportunities. And at Mintz + Hoke, it also means the chance to take interns under our wing to immerse them in full-service ad agency life, allowing them the opportunity to be part of our team and to learn by doing, with our staff’s guidance. While we always hope they learn a lot from us, there is no doubt we learn a lot from them as well. 

So today, we invite you to hear the Mintz + Hoke internship experience firsthand from our General Marketing intern, Lauren Kazemekas—a junior at Marist College, majoring in Business Administration and Marketing with a minor in Advertising.

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What type of work have you done?

The most rewarding aspect of an internship at Mintz + Hoke is the ability to work on multiple projects within different teams. I have been able to work on projects from the media team, public relations team, and client service team.

With the PR team, I have worked on projects such as social media marketing, event planning, influencer research and execution, and even worked on advertising awards for the agency to apply for.

I've assisted the media team with filtering through requests for proposals, worked on radio promotions, Google ads, and paid search, and had a hand in working with media outlets and conducting market research for different clients.

Additionally, working with the client service team, I learned how to schedule projects, issue change orders and creative briefs within the agency's project management software, and communicate and reach out to clients.

What has your experience at Mintz + Hoke been like?

When I started this internship, I promised myself I would take advantage of every opportunity to broaden my knowledge and experience in an agency. Mintz + Hoke enabled me to accomplish just that. I've learned so much from each team and person I've worked with, and I'm grateful for how much everyone at Mintz + Hoke cares about what they do and the people alongside them. This internship has been an incredible and enriching experience, and I've thoroughly enjoyed every moment.

What is one thing you learned you never expected to? Alternatively, what is an experience you’ve had that you didn’t think you would?

One unexpected lesson I learned was how to communicate and track components of a long-term project with a client. I'd never had an experience like this before, and it taught me how to stay organized, on schedule, and pay close attention to details over a long period.

I didn't expect to have a direct role in client service, but I was fortunate to be able to represent a large project and help coordinate communications between client service and the creative team.

I also learned the importance of company culture and how that directly impacts employees. Mintz + Hoke does an excellent job motivating and connecting their employees daily, and I have felt so welcomed during my time here.

Now that you’ve experienced our Immersively Different philosophy, what does being Immersively Different mean to you? And how can it help you in your career?

Being Immersively Different not only makes you think strategically—it also makes you look at things with a strong sense of curiosity and imagination. I was able to cultivate this mindset by seeing the approaches others took with every project and meeting I was part of.

As the internship progressed, I have grown more comfortable discussing different perspectives and ideas and have truly been able to use my creative problem-solving skills. Mintz + Hoke is skilled at combining strategy and originality, and I now feel confident in my abilities to do the same.

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