What is Media Only? And why is More our M.O.?

Media Only develops unexpected brand-building ideas to extend media budgets and encourage customer engagement by leveraging new technologies that advance brand performance and measurement. We launch new brands and activate mature ones. We open new channels and build vertical markets. We shift perceptions and change habits. And we leverage existing media in new and unexpected ways, invent media exclusive to our clients, and adopt new technologies that advance performance and measurement.

Although we are part of Mintz + Hoke, an ad agency, Media Only also serves clients whose creative originates elsewhere – even at another agency. We also partner directly with other agencies who do not have a complete suite of media services.

Media Only services include a healthy mix of:

Research. We validate hypotheses and strategies with the best information available like syndicated third party research, ratings data, competitive analysis, etc. No one source can fit all scenarios, so we stay up-to-speed on all of them.

Integrated Media Planning. The benefit of being founded from an integrated communications firm is a broad view. We call on a diverse team of experts for ideas and advice. Our media team is platform agnostic and keenly aware that no brand experience takes place in a vacuum.

Experiential. We create and activate brand encounters that fulfill our clients’ needs, from introducing a brand to changing perceptions to energizing an established product. The unexpected is especially effective – we leverage surprise and delight to maximize impact.

Media Buying. With a solid media strategy and plan in place, our buyers work with media partners to exceed campaign goals. We make it a collective effort to make your media dollars work harder.

Promotions. Our proactive, creative promotions pros are among the best in the business. From shaping customized promotional opportunities to activating more in unexpected ways, we always have something up our sleeve to get people abuzz about your brand.

Social Media. We integrate paid, owned and earned interactions, leveraging the newest platforms and technology, to ensure you’re part of the conversation. Your customer’s journey is the guiding principle for choice of networks and content.

Analytics. Results are paramount. And timing is everything. That’s why our team constantly tests, analyzes, optimizes, and refines throughout the lifecycle of any campaign – with any form of media – not just digital.

This is why we like to say “At Media Only, More is our M.O.”

Learn more about our approach by visiting Media Only’s new website and following us on Twitter @MediaOnlyMH.

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